3D-Animation Avendale Caste

Meine Kernkompetenz im 3D-Bereich sind Grid-Server Lösungen wie OpenSim und OSgrid.



Korg MS-20 The Synthesizer you really can play.

This 3D object needs only 3 prims but you can play 37 indepemdent keys.

Fully equipped with the legendary Pop Corn Sound Engine.

Also a built in accompanying sequencer comes with this synthesizer

The key scan based on my 'OPEN-MATRIX' ScriptEngine.



3D Object des Rheinturms zu Dü sseldorf mit funktionsfä higer Lichtskulptur.

Gilt als grö ß te Dezimaluhr der Welt.



iPod Touch with only three prims but unlimited number of touch zones.

You can expand your virtual iPod with optional apps.

This Version includes the additional Poser-Photostudio app.


Software Design


3D grid server

OSGRID manager

If you need help to get your 3D region connected to OsGrid, this is your tool.

Forget all your annoying experiences you’ ve made before.

Auto Setup your OpenSim server and connect it to OsGrid.

  1. Enter your Login and your desired Region Name

  2. Then Click the Save button and START YOUR SERVER.

It's that simple!

MIDIMAX configuration tool

Midimax MIDI cc configuration tool for windows (zip)


Software Design

3D Scripting

Software Design

Open Matrix, the script engine that makes a single prim an unlimited touch zone surface.

MTC Generator

Midi Time Code Generator



MOM is a bidirectional MIDI-Lan app for Windows 32 and 64-Bit. Using the OSC MIDI short message protocol 16 Bytes/MTC-event. Fast enough to stream MTC over Lan. It's a client/server all in one application. Put a copy of this program onto 2 computers and both of them can receive and send MTC over lan simultanousely. Not enough? OK, it can stream out OSC to 2 different computers simultaneously. If you're using an older OSC application as a receiving device, you can switch MOM from the short MIDI message protocol to the OSC standard iiii 4 x 32 bit integer per message, in this case, a single message sends 32 Bytes instead of 16 Bytes But still fast enough to stream Quarter Frame Time Code from MIDI over Lan to MIDI. Streaming Time Code is the only unidirectional case to avoid dropped frames. MIDI IN of the TimeCode transmitte will be temporarily disabled All other MIDI functions e.g. Pitchbender, Aftertouch or what ever, is a walk in the park. Of course all settings can be saved.