Korg Wavestation A/D

System Advanced Vector Syntesis, 24-bit digital processing, 19-bit DAC.
Wave Memory 484 sampled and single-cycle waveforms.
Program Memory 1 ROM Bank, 3 RAM Banks, and 1 Card Bank
Tone generator 20 bit resulotion, 32 voices including individual filters, amps, LFOs, and envelopes
Macros Templates for Pitch, Filter, Amp, Pan, Env, Inputs and Velocity Zoning.
Effects 55 effects programs. Up to 6 simultaneous digital effects, with dynamic modulation.
Performances 200 internal, 50 in card.
Patches 140 internal, 35 in card.
Wave Sequences 128 internal, 32 in card.
Wave Sequence Steps 2000 internal, 500 in card.
Multi-Mode Setups 16 configurations of multi-timbral, 16-channel MIDI reception.
Performance Controllers___ Joystick and Master Volyme.
Control Inputs Assignable footswitch/pedal 1 and 2.
Card Slots PCM data, PROG data.
MIDI IN, OUT, THRU, Extensive Multi-timbral capability
Display 64 x 240 pixel back-lit LCD with soft-key menu system.
Inputs Stereo 64x oversampling, Mic -40dB, Line -10dB, Pro +4dB
Outputs L, R, Balanced 1, 2, 3, 4, headphone.
Dimensions 430 (w) x 89 (h) x 406 (d) mm
Weight 5.1 kg
Options RAM card (MCR-03), ROM card (WCP-XX), PCM card