Digidesign 888|24 Audio Interface

The 888|24 I/O is an audio interface used with Pro Tools (requires PT 4.1 or later).
It connects to any of the following cards: PT Project PCI, Disk I/O PCI, d24 Audio Card, Mix Core, Mix Farm.
The 888|24 I/O may also be connected to the legacy port of a 192 I/O on a Pro Tools HD system.


A/D Specifications (typical)

D/A Specifications (typical)

Physical Specifications


Digidesign 882|20 Audio Interface

The 882|20 Audio Interface (MH072) is a peripheral used with Pro Tools.
It connects to a MIX, MIX I/O, d24, Disk I/O PCI, DSP Farm PCI, or Project II card.

Analog-to-Digital Performance

Digital-to-Analog Performance

Misc. Specifications

Physical Specifications


Digidesign ADAT Bridge Audio Interface


Analog Performance

Miscellaneous Specifications

Mechanical Format

Power Requirements


Digidesign 1622 Audio Interface

A/D Specifications

D/A Specifications

Misc Specifications


Digidesign MIX Core and Farm card

DSP card used in a Pro Tools|24 MIX system.