Casio PG-380 MIDI Synthesizer Guitar

Guitar made by Ibanez

Body Alder
Neck Maple
Fingerboard Ebony, 22 Frets
Pichups Single coil (PS-581A) x 2, Humbucking (PH-641 A) x 1
Tremolo unit Precision tremolo unit
Guitar controls Volume, tone (rear pickup switch), 5 positions pickup selector
Preset tone/MIDI Preset tone volume, card key, octave up key, octave down key, chromatic key, program keys (1-8)
MIDI out message Program change (0-63, 0-126 with ROM card), basic channel (1-16), mode 3 (poly), mode 4 (poly), velocity, pitch bend
Elctronic tuner Tuning indicator (# / b), standard pitch (440,441,442,443 Hz)
Inputs/outputs Guitar out, preset tone out, MIDI out, DC 9V
Power 6 AA, batteries or AC-adaptor Consumption 2W
Dimensions/Weight___ 1000 x 322 x 71 mm / 4,7 kg
Options RAM card RA-500

how to fix tracking and triggering problems