mLab OB-SX MIDIcontrol

The magicBox transforms your OBSX into a MIDI controlled Synthesizer with RealTime access to more than 40 parameters, Note numbers, Pitch, Modulation, Program change, 56 additional presets and 56 user memories.
This MIDI interface works with all generic MIDI controllers.

OBSX magicBox

made in Germany by

Power Supply

This MIDI-Interface needs an external power supply (not included). The power supply should output 9V DC where the center pin = (+). If you don't like to use an external power supply, you can supply The magicBox from your Synthesizer by doing a simple modification.

Plug & Play

The installation is much easier than any other MIDI retrofit kit.
We leave your Oberheim synthesizer completely untouched.
Simply plug the magixBox into the Oberheim COMPUTER INTERFACE port, and play.

OBSX rear

MIDI connection

There is only one MIDI Jack,.
The usually free pins 1, 2 & 3 supplies MIDI OUT.
All you need is a MIDI Split cable with the following pinout:

alt connect

magicBox MIDI Out


magixBox MIDI In


Everything under control

MIDI controller details

OB-SX controls

OB-SX switches

Additional controls

MIDI program change 1-112

MIDI communication

1. MIDI SysEx dump

MIDI cc 107 (value 127) causes The magicBox to send a SysEx Dump of all 56 user memories to MIDI OUT. So you can backup your sounds. You can recover them by sending the SysEx file back to The magicBox. This will replace all of the 56 user memories automatically.


After a MIDI Program Change or a Program Load, the magicBox sends the current program parameter values to MIDI OUT. When a BCR2000 or another controller (which can process parameter feedback) receives such a message, It updates its encoder and shows the result with its LED bar graph. Now you know exactly where you are and you can visually edit your program in relation to the current settings. To avoid MIDI feedback loops with a BCR2000, use the Stand Alone-Mode S-3 by pressing EDIT & STORE at the same time. Now dial the left encoder in the top row until the display shows S-3. Then, press the EXIT button to complete the process.

MIDI hardware controller

Successfully tested

Other generic MIDI controllers should work, as long as they can handle ParameterFeedback.

Download all you need to setup your MIDI controller


How to Setup a BCR2000

  1. Check that your BCR has the correct SysEx ID by holding down the EDIT button and pressing STORE.

  2. Use the 5th rotary encoder in the top row to set the ID to number 1

  3. Press EXIT to leave this menu.

  4. Send the SysEx file to your BCR2000.
    The BCR now saves the data in a temporary storage area.
    Before you can use it, you'll need to save it to one of the 32 preset locations.

In order to do this,

  1. Press the STORE button, (the store LED blinks).

  2. Use the curser keys to select a preset location.

  3. Press STORE again.

That's it.

Now you should have this controller layout

BCR2000 Overlays, repectively Decals, are available here


User Memory management

Example Copy, Edit and Save movie

  1. Use the encoder in the lower left to select a preset (1..56).

  2. Use the encoder at the bottom right to select a user memory (1..56).

  3. For example, load the preset No. 33 by dialing the encoder at the bottom left until the display shows 33.

  4. Then press the LOAD button. The preset No. 33 is now loaded and can be edited as required.

  5. To save your changes in one of the 56 user memories, dial the encoder in the lower right to select a user memory location.

  6. Then press the SAVE button.

If you're not using a BCR2000, please refer to the MIDI controller details.
This should help you configure other MIDI control devices.




download TouchOSC setup



download TBMS setup


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