mLab Power Supply Unit

mLab System PSU
28HP EuroRack module

Power Supply rear panel Module

To be independant of input Voltage (100 ... 240V AC),
the 1st PSU stage is a +/- 15V DC switching power supply.

To supply all modules with a clean and stable distribution,
the 2nd PSU stage is a linear voltage regulator circuit.
The output provides +/-12V DC.

To avoid ground loops, we do not use a Power Bus.
Busses are usually for signals but never to supplying power.
We use star distribution instead of bus distrubution.
Each module has a JST XH 2.54 mm 5pin socket.
Each module has a direct power supply connection.
We use standard lipo balancer cables.


  • 100...240V AC

8-16 Module Power Outlets

  • Pin1 -12V
  • Pin2 Gnd analog
  • Pin3 Gnd digital
  • Pin4 +5V
  • Pin5 +12V


  • jst xh male 2.54 mm (0.1')

mLab PSU8 Power Outlet

€ 128,-