mLab Eurobus2 Wavetable VCO EOL

V/Oct analog controlled Multi-Wave Generator with 4Pot direct access & Encode/OLED menu control. Wide sound range, rich harmonics, morphing Main Waves, and bass boosting Sub Waves. The best complement for an analogue systems.

12HP eurorack module


  • CV 1V/Oct

Wave Output

  • 16 Main
  • Morph
  • 32 SUB


  • Frequency
  • Fine Tune
  • FM
  • Main Mod
  • Main select
  • Sub select
  • Bit Crush
  • Glide Time


  • 10 CV IN
  • 13 SUB OUT
  • 14 MAIN OUT

The main generator has 16 different waveforms. The sub generator has 32 waveforms, more precisely there are 8 sub waves with 4 octaves each. The main waveforms as well as the sub waveforms can be voltage controlled over the ER2BUS (e.g. by patching a LFO, or a step-sequencer to morph through the Main Wavetables). The Key pot steps through the half tones where the Tune pot controls the pitch between 2 halfnotes. You can access all controls either with the encoder/OLED menu or with analog CV over the ER2BUS.

€ 398,-