mLab Wavetable VCO 6p

6Pot direct access V/Oct analog controlled Multi-Wave Generator. Wide sound range, rich harmonics, morphing Main Waves, and bass boosting Sub Waves. The best complement for an analogue systems.

12HP eurorack module


  • CV 1V/Oct
  • Modulation
  • CV Main
  • CV Sub

Wave Output

  • Main Wave
  • Sub Wave


  • 16 Main
  • Morph
  • 32 SUB


  • Frequency
  • Fine Tune
  • Sub Wave
  • Main Wave
  • Bit Crush
  • Glide Time


You can morph through the 16 waveforms with the Main Wave controller and with the sub controller you can select one of the 32 sub waves, precisely there are 8 sub waves with 4 octaves each. The main waveforms as well as the sub waveforms can be remotely controlled over the SUB & MAIN CV input jacks. The MOD CV input controls the VCO pitch where the Key input is a 1/2 tone quantized V/OCT CV input. With the Crush control you can reduce the wave resolution from 8-Bit down to 1-BIT, where a 1 BIT resolution equals a pulse width modulation of a square wave oscillator, this gives a very rich hamonic output to feed a VCF with. The Freq. pot steps through the half tones where the Tune pot pitches between the halftones.

€ 348,-