Yamaha REV-5

Effect Freq. Response 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Dynamic Range Reverb___ >78 dB Delay: >84 dB
THD <0.03% @ 1kHz, max. level
Analog Equalizer Low: +/-15 dB, 50 Hz- 700 Hz Mid: +/-15 dB, 350 Hz - 5kHz HI: +/-15 dB, 2 kHz - 20 kHz
Input Channels Elec. balanced x 2 (XLR type) Elec. balanced x 2 (TRS phone)
Input Nominal Level -20/ +4 dBm, switchable
Input Impedance 10k-ohms
Input Level Control Rotary, continuous
Input Level Monitor 8-segment LED
A/D Channels 1
A/D Sampling Freq. 44.1 kHz
A/D Resolution 16 bits
D/A Channels 2
D/A Sampling Freq. 44.1 kHz
D/A Quantization 16 bits
Output Channels Elec. balanced x 2 (XLR type) Elec. balanced x 2 (TRS phone)
Output/ Nominal Leve l -20/ +4 dBm, switchable
Output/ Impedance 600 ohms
Presets (ROM) 1 -30, 91-99
User Memory (RAM) 31-90 (Battery Backup)
MIDI Control Program selection by MIDI program change. MIDI base key selection for pitch change programs. Bulk dump and load.
Front Panel Controls Input Level, EQ (LO Freq and Level,Mid Freq and Level, Hi Freq and Level), Mixing, EQ On/Off, Mono/Stereo
Front Panel Keys Direct recall (REV 1/-31-, REV2/-32-, REV3/-33-, REV4/-34, -ER1/-35-, ER2/-36-, Others/-37-)
User Memory, Parameter, Level, Initial Delay, 1ST Ref, EQ, EQ On, Up Key, Down Key, 10-key numeric pad, Clear, Memory, Store, Recall/ Enter, -, Mute, INT Param, Utility, Bypass
Front Panel Display 16 char. x 2 line LCD 2-digit 7-segment LED
Dimensions 480 x 90 x 343mm
Weight 5.5kg (12.13 lbs.)